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Seven Incomplete Ideas That Hijack Faith and How to See Beyond Them

Faith Lies: 7 Incomplete Ideas That Hijack Faith and How to See Beyond Them is for people noticing the cracks in the foundation of their faith as well as those who feel they have been hurt or discarded by a God or a faith that just does not make sense.

Faith lies are those seemingly required religious ideas or spiritual beliefs that are often confusing and rarely helpful.



Becoming a Leader You Can Live With

By David McNitzky | Darrell Smith - contributor

This book is for Christian leaders who are driven rather than called—who are living as orphans rather than heirs. 

David McNitzky was driven once, and he was living into a vision of church leadership that threatened to make him into a “Herod the Great” for the modern age. In this book, David asks Christian leaders to meet Herod “again for the first time.” Examine how Herod and David fell off track—how they lived as orphans instead of heirs to our Father’s Kingdom, “on earth as it is in heaven.” 

David offers you his hope as a beloved son of the Father...hope Herod never found.


If we can start by agreeing that worship is a conversation, then what unfolds is not a list of appropriate actions and practices but a recognition that a divine—and therefore inherently diverse—dialogue exists and that we are not only invited to speak but to listen.

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