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"I recently spoke with Darrell Smith...about his work on what he calls “the edge of the inside.” His entire objective is to strengthen faith while dismantling the walls Church builds around itself in the name of faith. His recent book Faith Lies...invites us to question if these principles come from Christ or from our own deviations." 

"Dr. Darrell Smith is a teacher, writer, and an aspiring integral theologian who has served in the Alamo Heights United Methodist family of churches since 1999. He founded and serves as a director of C3—a non-profit organization committed to conversations and connections that serve people and the common good. Join us today..."

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"Smith...gently uncovers the untruths upon which [these faith lies] are built and then offers a true, freeing, new way to believe. The book contains no judgment or scorn. It is filled with love, grace, forgiveness, encouragement and hope."

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"The seven lies Darrell talks about invitations to consider how a few shifts in perspective on how we think about God and faith effect our ways of being in the world. You don't have to agree with everything he says to appreciate the deep thinking that has led Darrell and others to a healthy spirituality that prioritizes love as its highest value."

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"Darrell Smith is a pastor, a brother, a friend and author of Faith Lies: Seven Incomplete Ideas That Hijack Faith and How to See Beyond Them. Join us as we talk about who he is, why he wrote this book and so much more!"

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